Edge Gateway for IIoT & Industry 4.0

Connect 30+ protocols & millions of devices to Cloud & IT.
A flexible and fast to deploy no-code edge gateway.



Edge Gateway for IIoT & Industry 4.0

Access to 30+ protocols & millions of devices

Industry 4.0

Non-intrusive implementation & avoidance of vendor lock-in

Smart building

Works with BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus and many for harvesting building data

OT/IT convergence

Embedded OPC-UA server & ability to turn any data into custom SQL queries

Protocol gateway

Normalize data across protocols in a many-to-many bi-directional approach

Cloud edge gateway

Bi-directional connect edge devices to any cloud with ability to customize messages

data logger

Light weight data logger with native graph tool and options to export the data

Connecting PLCs HVACs Robots Meters BMS

Omron FINS Host Link SYSMAC Ethernet/IP
OPC-UA client server standard
Modbus TCP RTU
Mitsubishi MELSEC MC protocol
Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP CIP ControlLogix FlexLogix MicroLogix CompactLogix SLC500 PLC5 Micro800 Micro8xx
Siemens S7 300 400 1200 1500 LOGO! TI505
Beckhoff TwinCAT ADS
UR Universal Robots
Schneider Electric Modicon EcoStruxure
Keyence KV Nano
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix FlexLogix MicroLogix CompactLogix SLC500 PLC5 Micro800 Micro8xx Ethernet/IP CIP
B&R X20 X90

to any Cloud Database IIoT platform REST API backend MQTT broker

Azure for IIoT with SIA Connect

Learn how to use Azure for IIoT and turn your industrial and building devices into IIoT devices and empower data driven decission making in the cloud

Highlighted features


    Secure connection to any MQTT broker or cloud with REST API backend with customizable payloads.

  • Edge computing

    Apply algorithms and filter out redundant data and. Add logic constraints and conditions to the data

  • Customizable messages

    Customize the messages to the cloud or SQL queries to match the destination and application

  • Bi-directional communication

    Whether you are connecting devices to the cloud, databases or in-between the data can flow in both directions.

  • Azure & AWS certified

    Certified as IoT gateway on Azure IoT Hub & AWS IoT Core simplifies the implementation & guarantee security

  • Intuitive configuration software

    The configuration GUI software is locally on the gateway in a low-code/no-code manner. Free of charge!

  • Large protocol library

    Support for all major vendors of PLCs, robots, BMS and meters guarantees compatibility

  • Containerized software

    Also comes as a containerized Docker package to ensure a scalable software solution that runs on any hardware

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Preferred gateway for Azure

Embrace the industrial revolution

SIA is an Azure Certified device that powers the data driven industrial revolution with a focus on building a more resilient and agile supply chain. Azure is an well-known leader in industry-ready cloud solutions that delivers more intelligent manufacturing through data analytics that is easily scalable. SIA is the preferred gateway for Microsoft Azure, which enables access to pivotal industry data from your supply chain easily.  

Learn why we are the preferred Azure IIoT gateway in the Industry

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