Gateway to simplify
Industry 4.0 & IIoT



Gateway to simplify IoT in Industry & Buildings

What is your next IIoT project ?


Retrofit to existing system

OT/IT convergence

Support for SQL queries & databases

edge processing

Process and filter the data on edge

MQTT & Azure

Securely connects and turning any Industrial & Building controller into an IoT device.

OT/IT convergence

Linking data from shop floor to IT system in a very flexible & user friendly solution.

edge processing


Connecting Devices & Clouds

Connects devices directly to Azure IoT Hub or any cloud with support for MQTT or REST API. Customize the payload to fit the application.

Simple OT & IT Convergence

Achieve fast convergence between systems without programming. SIA comes as plug’n’play solution with its intuitive and software portal.

smart edge data processing

Filter out redundant data on the edge to reduce bandwidth storage cost. Setup logic rules and convert data to match any backend.

Industry 4.0

Native support for PLC's & Robots

Smart building

Native support for BMS & Meters

OT/IT convergence

Embedded OPC-UA server & SQL


Normalize data across multi sources


Enrich data by adding it in content

edge computing

Process and filter the data on edge

Key features


    Secure connection to any MQTT broker or cloud with REST API backend with customizable payloads.

  • Edge computing

    Apply algorithms and filter out redundant data and. Add logic constraints and conditions to the data

  • Customizable payloads

    Customize the messages to the cloud or SQL queries to match the destination and application

  • Protocol conversion

    Configure any rule and route for data exchange. IIoT gateway or protocol converter? You decide!

  • Azure certified product

    Certified as IoT gateway on Azure and its native support for Azure simplifies the implementation

  • Intuitive & free software

    UI software locally on SIA do not requires any programming skills or developer software

  • Large protocol library

    Support for all major vendors of PLCs, robots, BMS and meters guarantees compatibility

  • Data logger

    Build-in data logger and chart tool provides a overview and visualization of the read data

How can SIA fit your project?

Explore the powerful functionality of SIA and learn how it can simplify your project.

Connecting PLCs HVACs Robots Meters BMS to the cloud

Preferred gateway for Azure

Embrace the industrial revolution

SIA is an Azure Certified device that powers the data driven industrial revolution with a focus on building a more resilient and agile supply chain. Azure is an well-known leader in industry-ready cloud solutions that delivers more intelligent manufacturing through data analytics that is easily scalable. SIA is the preferred gateway for Microsoft Azure, which enables access to pivotal industry data from your supply chain easily.  

Learn why we are the preferred Azure IIoT gateway in the Industry

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