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"Simply Connecting the Industry"

About us

With a keen passion and background in Industry 4.0 & Cloud technology the company was found in 2017 as MM Technology. Our mission was and still is to create a generic and flexible way to make systems communicate together and exchange data into a simple but yet powerful solution.

The idea for and foundation for SIA was born!

Following the development process and innovation MM Technology partnered and merged with Trifork, changing the name to Trifork Smart Device in 2020.

Behind Trifork Smart Device & SIA Connect stands a group of passionate, innovative and experienced people, who understand the need of the technology and digital future.

We want to make it easier for you to transform the production environment and automated machines into Industry 4.0. We’re here to help you to take your first steps towards innovative solutions and a new competitive best-in-class solution for accessing and combining data resources at different levels!

As our motto says, we are “Simply Connecting the Industry”

A Trifork company

Our mission

Our mission is to simplify how devices, systems and clouds communicate with each other. 

We are passionate about IIoT and how to break down silos between modern technologies and the industry. We want to enable and inspire innovative companies and developers to create great applications by providing them with data without hassle. 

Meet the team

Behind the technicalities – we are humans and we try to simplify the processes for you. 

We listen to your needs – maybe you just need a tiny, smart digital solution or maybe you need a big one. It may also be that you are not sure what’s best for your case?

Let’s talk without obligations and find out together!

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