SIA Connect

IIoT, Industry 4.0 & Smart Building gateway

Connect data across OT / IT / Cloud and ensure a seamless bi-directional data flow between all the enterprise levels.

Analyze and learn from the historical data by using the embedded chart tools or extract the data through REST API or CSV.

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Convert data between protocols & technologies with active push and pull of data between the systems & devices in a non-invasive behavior.

Simple to use & easy to get started

SIA Connect’s native and free configuration software makes implementation simple and fast! An interface both IT & OT teams can navigate in.

The software is web based and locally deployed on SIA Connect. It is responsive for smart devices and accessible without installing client software.

SIA Connect reduces implementation from days to minutes!

Simplicity & Scalability

are the keys to success in industrial digitization

Fast track connectivity

Click’n’Connect is the best way of describing how easily SIA connects across Automation- & Buildings protocols and enterprise systems. No programming is required!

User Centric software

The modern GUI is cross-platform compatible and are developed to be intuitive with the user in focus and reduces implementation complexity. You are guaranteed to get up and run quickly.

Free configuration software

The configuration software comes integrated into SIA and is free of charge. It can be accessed & utilized from any device without having any client software installed. 

No hidden costs

Unlock and own your data with no hidden costs and running fees. SIA Connect ensures data is directly delivered to your system without any proxy cloud.

OPC-UA server

The SIA OPC-UA server allows clients on any enterprise level to integrate & access data with all the automation- and building protocols supported by SIA.

The secure communication channel of OPC-UA in SIA provides a hassle-free IT / OT convergence with top notch security with support for encryption and user authentication! 

IIoT & IT/OT gateway

  • IT / OT convergence

    Connect data across all the enterprise systems and shop floors. With integrated OPC-UA server and extensive support for executing SQL queries IT / OT convergence have never been easier and more versatile.

  • Industry 4.0 & IIoT

    Turn industrial- and building controllers into IIoT devices. Compatibility and native support for all major industry protocols and cloud technologies brings success and simplicity into any IIoT project!

  • 30+ protocols & technologies

    Extensive device, system & technology ensures that compatibility and data silos is not going to be the roadblock for entering the age of Industry 4.0. Not even for legacy equipment!

  • Cloud flexibility

    Support for REST API's, MQTT and Cloud SDK's combined with the ability to customize the payload, headers and backend we guarantee support for any Cloud API!

  • Non-invasive IIoT transformation

    Where ever you go SIA can turn Industrial- and Building controllers into IIoT devices. Retrofitting allows non-invasively and seamless connection between running systems and the cloud and minimizing risk for downtime

  • Fallback buffer storage

    No more worrying about losing the connection to the cloud. Either its a lost connection or server being offline SIA saves the data in its fallback buffer and sends it when the server is reachable again.

Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure Iot Hub Event Hub SQL
Siemens Mindsphere
  • OPC Server

    The open standard of OPC-UA allows enterprise systems and SCADA's to integrate with SIA. OPC-UA server is integrated into SIA and provides access to all the data on any of the supported protocols & technologies.

  • SQL & Database integration

    The includes SQL Connectors supports integration to MS SQL, Azure SQL, MariaDB, MySQL & Oracle DB. It sends the data directly into the database and logic can be combined with SQL queries to match any enterprise application.

  • Open API

    The Open API allows software developers to integrate SIA into solutions which requires a high degree of automation and software interaction. Everything single configuration & data can be accessed and controlled using the Open API.

  • Triggers & filters

    Trigger and process data on the edge to save you costs of bandwidth and cloud usage. Setup data triggers on deadband (absolute or relative), all readings, changes or thresholds and if needed process the afterwards with logic.

  • Logic rules & Mathematical expressions

    Logic rules between data items and conditions is a powerful way of making states and dependencies even smarter on the edge. It provides many possibilities just as only sending messages to the cloud when certain states or logic are met. Apply mathematical expressions to data samples expressions for scaling and dynamic adjustment.

  • Data correlation from multiple sources

    Combine data from various sources from any data source such as PLCs and sensors. Data correlation allows smarter metadata customization in payloads and queries for databases and clouds. Injection of customized metadata makes data more valuable and rich on information.

Data logger

30+ protocol

With support for more than 30+ protocols and millions of devices it is almost with guarantee that SIA covers a broad range of data logging applications.

Analytic on 25M+ samples

The integrated chart and analytics tool gives a good overview of the collected data. The embedded memory with space for more than 25M+ samples is all you need a offline on-the-go data logger.

Data access & Export

All the collected data samples can be exported to CSV for analytics in external software. Additionally the samples are also accessible from the Open REST API interface.

Triggers & processing

Advanced triggers and filters makes the data logging fit any application. Trigger data samples on deadband, all readings, changes or thresholds and if needed process the afterwards with logic.

Superior Azure IIoT gateway

SIA is probably the most powerful IIoT gateway for Azure in the market. It comes as a Microsoft Azure certified device and is tailored to work flawless with Azure and being the market superior in the measure of flexibility, easiness and functionality!

Empower, understand and create transparency in all the valueable data with the powerful integrated Azure tools:

Connect 30+ protocols and endless of devices to Azure with ease. SIA supports the below Azure interfaces.

Protocol gateway

Push-Pull data conversions

The optimized push-pull technology is pulling data from devices and pushing to other devices. This avoids invasive modifications and makes the conversion “serverless” and fast to implement. 

Non-invasive retrofit conversion

Integrating existing machinery data to newly implemented systems is no longer a problem. SIA actively moves the data bi-directional without the need to reprogram and make invasive changes. 

Many-to-many conversion

With support for more than 30+ protocols SIA is not only limited to a one-to-one protocol conversion. It acts as a data router between all the protocols and allows many-to-many conversion. 

Conditional conversion

Apply rules and conditions that defines when conversion and data transfer are performed. Only when these conditions are met the data is transfered and converted. 

Supported protocols & systems

IT / IoT

Industrial- & Building devices

Omron FINS Host Link SYSMAC Ethernet/IP
Mitsubishi MELSEC MC protocol
Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP CIP ControlLogix FlexLogix MicroLogix CompactLogix SLC500 PLC5 Micro800 Micro8xx
Siemens S7 300 400 1200 1500 LOGO! TI505
Beckhoff TwinCAT ADS
UR Universal Robots
Schneider Electric Modicon EcoStruxure
Keyence KV Nano
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix FlexLogix MicroLogix CompactLogix SLC500 PLC5 Micro800 Micro8xx Ethernet/IP CIP
B&R X20 X90
Honeywell Tridium BMS HVAC
Tridium BMS HVAC
Trend Tridium BMS HVAC


OPC-UA client server standard
Modbus TCP RTU
Wireless M-Bus S T C mode Kamstrup BMeters Landis+Gyr

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