Industry 4.0 with SIA Connect

IT / OT convergence solutions

What is Industry 4.0?

The fourth industrial revolution covers implementation of new technologies & applications within manufacturing. The most essential part of Industry 4.0 is to optimize and increase efficiency and resiliency in your supply chain. The applications among many includes AR/VR, data analytics, additive manufacturing & digitization.  

SIA Connect is an edge gateway that simplifies the unification and convergence of data between IT and OT (Operational Technology). It provides the necessary tools for non-invasive access of IT & OT data and converging it to allow seamless flow of information

SIA Connect

Middleware for Industry 4.0

Simplify data access with SIA Connect

A key factor for success in your Industry 4.0 journey is easy and flexible access to data across the shop floor and enterprise levels.

SIA Connect simplifies this!

Legacy equipment compatibility

Avoid vendor lock-in and enable digitization and smart manufacturing of legacy machinery with access to more than 30+ protocols.

Adaptable to any IT systems

Integrate shop floor data into existing enterprise systems by utilizing the ability to build custom messages and parse the received.

Edge computing & Logic rules

Filter and compute data as close to the source to reduce response time and apply low-code logic-rules to condition & optimize the data flow. 

IT / OT convergence

Achieve full data flow across the shop floor and IT with two-way communication in a fully flexible low-code/no-code solution.

Omron FINS Host Link SYSMAC Ethernet/IP
OPC-UA client server standard
Modbus TCP RTU
Mitsubishi MELSEC MC protocol
Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP CIP ControlLogix FlexLogix MicroLogix CompactLogix SLC500 PLC5 Micro800 Micro8xx
Siemens S7 300 400 1200 1500 LOGO! TI505
Beckhoff TwinCAT ADS
UR Universal Robots
Schneider Electric Modicon EcoStruxure
Keyence KV Nano
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix FlexLogix MicroLogix CompactLogix SLC500 PLC5 Micro800 Micro8xx Ethernet/IP CIP
B&R X20 X90

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Machine Building

OPC UA Server integrated

The integrated OPC-UA server for 30+ protocols allows bi-directional data integration and unification across machines, sensors and enterprise systems in an open standard.

Convert any of the many supported devices, sensors and systems to OPC-UA. Powered by SIA Connect’s strong OPC-UA server engine.